There’s useful wearables, and then there’s Leatherman Tread

Introducing the modern day multi-tool

We've seen many wearables claim to have 'useful' features, but Leatherman Tread might just be the definition of 'useful'.

Multi-tool manufacturer Leatherman has created a new wearable unlike anything else on the market. It's called Leatherman Tread, and it's a stainless steel bracelet made up of 11 links with 25 different tools at its disposal.

The unique multi-tool is a high-strength, corrosion-resistant accessory, designed to be worn in all types of conditions as a substitute for the classic Swiss Army knife. The concept was coined to offer various useful tools, such as box wrenches, screwdrivers and hex drives on the wrist in case one was required.

Leatherman's president first thought of the idea on holiday in Disneyland, when staff wouldn't let him into the amusement park due to the hefty multi-tool he was carrying around. It made him wonder whether he could transfer all of the useful tools into an innocuous bracelet.

Leatherman Tread is fully customisable as well, allowing you to rearrange the links and add new ones. The bracelet is so handy even the clasp serves as a bottle opener – cool, huh?

Pricing for the Tread is expected to start at $150. There's also a version that includes a watch face for $500. Leatherman expects to begin shipping the Tread this summer.