Tech Today: Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6, Kinect for iMac?

Plus: Twitter gets a huge overhaul, Android app sale continues with 10p Tetris

In Thursday's late-breaking tech news, reports claimed Samsung wants to launch a massive 11.6-inch Galaxy tab, while Apple is considering adding Kinect-like functionality to the iMac.

Twitter launches complete redesign for web and apps
Social networking giant Twitter has moved to unify its web and app browsing experience by launching a top-to-bottom redesign of its portals. The profile page now features a navigation menu, while everything else is centred around Home, Connect and Discover tabs. The app updares are available to download now for iPhone and Android.
Link: TechRadar

Apple considering Kinect-like functionality on iMacs
A recent patent application suggests that Apple wants to build motion-control functionality into its iMac range of all-in-one computers. AppleInsider has discovered the patent which details Kinect-like actions and describes "a new system allowing users to perform gestures with their hands in a three-dimensional space."
Link: AppleInsider

Google continues Android app sale with new titles
Android smartphone owners can now acquire apps like Tetris, Homerun Battle 3D and Talking Tom Cat 2 for just 10p as Google continues to celebrate its landmark 10 billionth app download. Not wishing to be left out, Amazon has matched the prices in its own Android app store.
Link: Engadget

Samsung building an 11.6-inch Galaxy Tab?
Boy Genius Report reckons that Samsung's next generation Galaxy Tab will be a whopping 11.6-inches in size with an incredible screen resolution of 2560 x 1600. The new tablet will reportedly be announced in February (presumably at Mobile World Congress) and will boast a 2GHz dual-core processor along with Android Ice Cream Sandwich.
Link: BGR

Android phone name generator provides fun-poking LOLZ
The names of Android handsets are getting lengthier and more ridiculous by the day and we have to admit to having a little giggle at this Android Phone Name Generator site. Among the names thrown-out were the HTC Sensation Vibrant Prime and the Samsung Xperia Incredible Pro Plus, neither of which seem to be reaching too far. Little wonder Apple restricts itself to adding the occasional 'S' to its handsets.
Link: Android Phone Name Generator