Tech Today: Motorola RAZR set for return, Apple shares record

Plus: Electric DeLorian car coming in 2013, YouTube to sell MP3s and concert tickets

Today's round-up sees the return of two great names from the past, while the undisputed name of the present just experienced one of its best days ever. It's the tech news that broke after you logged off

Motorola Droid RAZR/Spyder sneaks out ahead of Tuesday launch
Remember the super-slinky design-led RAZR flip handset? Well Motorola is planning to raise the ghost of its most popular phone of all time on Tuesday and images have leaked onto that there internets which show the device in all its glory. The RAZR, or Spyder which it may end up being called, will boast an 8-megapixel camera and 1080p video just like the iPhone 4S and is likely to come loaded with Android Ice Cream Sandwich.
Link: Engadget

Court decides Apple did not violate HTC patents
In the latest bout of the never-ending and frankly tiresome sue and counter sue wars currently dominating the smartphone landscape, the international trade commission has rejected HTC's claims that Apple violated four of its patents with the iPhone. HTC had claimed that the power management and phone dialing functionality infringed on its IP. The court said no and that ruling is likely to be ratified early next year.
Link: Reuters

YouTube Merch Store will bring concert tickets and MP3s to channels
YouTube has announced plans to team up with its official music partners to offer official merchandise on the channel of each artists. The Google-owned video sharing site will sell, t-shirts, concert tickets, MP3s and more and has teamed up with the likes of iTunes and Amazon to facilitate its plans. Hopefully it'll work for the viral stars as well as lining the pockets of the Lady Gaga's of this world.
Link: TechRadar

Apple Shares reach record heights
Following the staggering news that Apple sold 4 million iPhones in just three days this weekend, Wall Street reacted by sending Apple shares soaring to untold heights. The Cupertino-based giant saw record figures of $426.70 per share during trading on Monday. The company's shares have grown by 97 per cent in 2011 alone.
Link: AllThingsD

Electric production DeLorean's are a reality. Believe it
The DeLorean car made famous by the Back to the Future films will be resurrected by the DeLorean Motor Company of Texas which plans a full production of an electric vehicle in 2013. The environmentally-friendly motor, dubbed the DMC-12 EV will have 260 horsepower and a top speed of 125mph. Best of all, it'll have an iPod dock too. Great Scott!
Link: Dvice