Tech Today: BlackBerry London leaked, Apple HD music plans

Plus: Firefox 10 now available, Apple the world's largest PC manufacturer... sort of

In Tuesday's late-breaking tech news we heard of Apple's recent plans to dramatically improve the quality of digital music, while the BlackBerry London has leaked with an all-new design

Apple was working on super high-definition music files for iTunes
Music old-timer Neil Young has revealed that he was collaborating with the late Steve Jobs on a project which would have seen digital music files reach studio quality. Young told the All Things D media conference that MP3s lose 95 per cent of the data from the original recording and that he and Jobs were working on a solution, however "not much" was happening around the time of his death.
Link: CNET

BlackBerry London smartphone outed again
RIM's attempts to rejoin the smartphone elite appear to rest heavily on the forthcoming BlackBerry London device, which has made another unscheduled appearance. A new photo of the all-touchscreen slim device, which is likely to showcase the BlackBerry 10 operating system, was uncovered by the RIM obsessives at CrackBerry and they're already calling it a "Superphone."
Link: CrackBerry

Apple now leading PC manufacturer in the world...if you count iPads
With iPads included, Apple now owns 17 per cent of the personal computer market, new figures have revealed. Apple sold 15-million iPads and five million Macs in the previous quarter compared to the 120m PCs shipped globally. Nice figures for Apple who have been bleating on about how the iPad is taking chunks out of Windows PC buys, but should we really be counting the iPad?
Link: MacRumors

Firefox 10 now available for download
Mozilla kept up its rapid release schedule for new versions of its Firefox browser on Tuesday evening with the launch of the tenth iteration. Firefox 10. The new browser brings tools for developers which will allow users to run full-screen apps along with new 3D graphics capabilities which will bring new gaming opportunities to the browser.
Link: PCMag

Scare stories don't deter would-be Foxconn workers
Reports in recent weeks have suggested that the Foxconn factory in China, which makes iPhones and iPads for Apple, is not a very nice place to work. Suicides, exhaustion, excessive overtime are just some of the reported hazards. However, the Chinese are apparently a hard bunch to scare. At a recent recruitment day at a local agency thousands showed up to join a 650-ft queue. That's almost as long as the lines to buy the bloody things.
Link: Gizmodo