Tech Today: Apple on Kindle Fire, Google freshens search

Plus: The first Nokia Lumia 800 reviews are in, Siri suffers outage

Late-breaking news on Thursday saw Google, Marvel and HTC make big announcements, while it seems Apple is unfazed by the forthcoming Amazon Kindle Fire. Also, does the Nokia Lumia 800 live up to the hype?

Apple chiefs unfazed by Amazon Kindle Fire
Apple CEO Tim Cook thinks that the Amazon KIndle Fire tablet shouldn't pose any problems for the iPad's continued dominance as could result in more Android users bouncing over to iOS, frustrated with the fragmentation of the Android ecosystem. That's according to BarCap analyst Ben Reitzes who says he recently spoke with Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer.
Link: AppleInsider

HTC unveils another Beats phone
Taiwanese smartphone giant HTC has lifted the lid on its latest Beats-powered handset, the HTC Rezound. The 4.3-inch device comes Android ICS-ready, with a 720p display and most importantly Beats audio tech and headphones bundled in. The HTC Rezound, an exclusive to the US Verizon network is a 4G phone and unlikely to ever reach the UK. At least we have the HTC Sensation XL.
Link: TechCrunch

Google revamps algorithm, makes things fresher
Google has announced another tweak to its search algorithm, promising to bring a little freshness to proceedings. The change, which Google says will affect 35 per cent of search results, will bring more recent and relevant results to the top of the search page. For example, if you search for Olympics, you'll be more likely to receive results pertaining to next year's summer games in London, rather than 2008 in Beijing.
Link: Google Blog

Marvel announces digital comics arriving same day as print titles
Here's one for all of you tech loyalists who're massive comic book fans. Marvel, the studio behind Spider-Man, The Avengers and The Mighty Thor, has announced that digital comic books, like those available on the company's iPad app, will hit the virtual shelves on the same day that they arrive at comic book stores. The "day and date" initiative will apply to all of the company's major titles.
Link: Gizmodo

Siri suffering from outage
The iPhone 4S's personal assistant Siri apparently called-in sick on Thursday after users experienced an outage throughout the evening. At the time of writing, the app is currently not connecting to Apple's servers, and since it gleans its information from that particular source, is currently about as useful as a mute town crier.
Link: VentureBeat

Nokia Lumia 800: First reviews are in
Is the Windows Phone-packing Nokia Lumia 800 the Finns' smartphone saviour or another false dawn? Loveable tech correspondent David Phelan has reviewed the device for the Independent. Phelan endorses the handset by saying the Lumia 800 is a "highly likable" piece of hardware, which "puts Nokia back in the smartphone game with a vengeance."
Link: Independent