Tech Today: Apple iOS 5 battery fix released, Sony to 'reinvent' TV

Plus: Ashton Kutcher's Twitter shame, Facebook forced into privacy revamp

Apple has issued a software patch to cure the iPhone battery life ills, while Sony is planning a surprise to beat Apple's expected HD TV offering. Here's the tech news that broke after you logged off

Apple releases iOS 5.0.1 to fix battery drain
The poor battery life experienced by some iPhone users running iOS 5 should be at an end after Apple issued a software update to cure the ills. iOS 5.0.1 promises to fix the operating system bugs that saw many users endure dramatically lower run-time. The new update better voice recognition for Aussies who Siri deems too foreign to understand.
Link: AppleInsider

Ashton Kutcher quits tweeting after child sex row
Two and a Half men star Ashton Kutcher has decided to stop personally updating his Twitter account following a row over a US college football coach, who was fired for not calling the police on an alleged child molester. Kutcher tweeted in support of legendary Penn State coach Joe Paterno, which caused uproar among many of his 8 million followers. He said: "As of immediately I will stop tweeting until I find a way to properly manage this feed. I feel awful about this error. Won’t happen again." The account is now in the hands of his management.
Link: SFChronicle

Facebook will have to tell you if it changes privacy settings
Facebook has reportedly agreed to alter the way it updates the site, giving users the opportunity to opt-in to any changes which involve altering privacy settings. The site has been under pressure from the Federal Trade Commission in the United States, who have accused Facebook of deceiving members. Traditionally Facebook has made changes and been somewhat sheepish about telling users the effects on their privacy settings.
Link: WSJ

40 per cent of Twitter pic uploads now from iOS devices
In another sign of just how dominant Apple is in the smartphone world, four in every ten photos uploaded to Twitter are done so from iOS devices, it has been revealed. The pictures are being uploaded from a range of clients on the device, including the iPhone's Camera Roll, Instagram and Twitter's official iPhone app.
Link: Skylines

Sony set to debut a new form of TV
“I spent the last five years building a platform so I can compete against Steve Jobs. It’s finished, and it’s launching now,” says Sony CEO Howard Stringer, suggesting that Sony is preparing an attempt to reinvent the television market. Apple, of course, is widely expected to unveil its own connected HD TV device in the next year or so. Can Sony surprise us all and beat Apple to the punch with something new and different?
Link: TechCrunch