Sony Reader iPhone app rejected by Apple

Tightening of rules see e-reader store denied App Store access

Apple looks to change App Store rules regarding eBooks.

The Sony Reader iOS app has been rejected by Apple, with Cupertino claiming that it breaches rules on selling content within apps. Apple says any content sold within apps needs to go through them, using the in-app purchase mechanism.

The Sony Reader app, like its Amazon Kindle rival, directs punters to an external web pages to buy eBooks, something Apple now seems none too keen on. The rejection of the Big S’s e-reader add-on could mean Apple is looking to throw Amazon out too for breaching the same rules.

Experts also believe this is tied to Apple’s imminent announcement of a new subscription tool as part of its tie-up with News International for The Daily newspaper. The new tool will give Apple better control over who buys content on iPhones and iPads, hence it wants Sony, and potentially Amazon, to toe the line.

Sony remains confident it can sort something out with Apple. But this looks like it could be the start of another iOS controversy.

Via MacRumors and The New York Times