Sony outs PS3 Move bundles

Big 3 Gun Shooting and Biohazard 5 packages up for grabs in Japan first

New offerings cram in killer titles and awesome ray-gun peripheral.

Jonesing for some PS3 Move action? Well Sony’s just delivered its plans for a pair of bundles that are bound to sate the appetite of Sony-mad gamers, even if they’re pegged as Japan only for now.

First up is a Biohazard 5 bundle which includes the eponymous title, the PlayStation Eye attachment and a Move wand.

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But the one we’re really het up about is the Big 3 Gun Shooting offering. That comes with the same wand and camera deal, but also throws in the awesome PS3 Move ray-gun. The disc itself will include Time Crisis 4, Time Crisis Razing Storm and Dead Storm Pirates.

The first pack will cost £60 in Japan, with the latter costing £90, with both going on sale in October. Just pray Sony unleashes Big 3 Gun Shooting on these shores.

Via Slashgear