Samsung Wave out now on Vodafone and Virgin Media

First Bada handset yours for free today in the UK

First in the new Bada line-up hits stores today

Samsung’s much hyped Bada platform gets its first airing from today as the Samsung Wave handset hits Virgin Media and Vodafone stores from free on contract.

The 3.3-inch HD AMOLED screened wunderkind also packs a 5-Meg camera (with LED flash), 1GHz processor and Flash support, plus dedicated apps form the new Samsung app store. Bada is Samsung's ace-in-the-whole; a bespoke operating system that the company hopes will compete against Android, the iPhone and Windows Mobile Phone 7.

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Voda’s offering the Wave gratis on a 24 month, £25 per month tariff, which’ll grant you 300 minutes and unlimited texts. You’ll also get 500MB of web usage. Virgin’s 24 month plan will also get you the Wave for nowt, but you’ll be gifted 600 minutes, unlimited texts and web.

If you don’t fancy the pay monthly approach, Virgin Media will let you walk away with a PAYG Wave for £410 sterling.

- Check out our video review of the Samsung Wave here

Link: Virgin Media, Vodafone