Rural areas to still get broadband despite cuts

BBC to contribute £300m towards funding

In spite of cuts in spending, rural areas will still benefit from broadband installation.

Super-fast broadband will have a trial run in the Highlands, Cumbria, North Yorkshire and Herefordshire, the government announced in its Spending Review.

Even though £83 billion is cut from public spending, broadband is still on the to-do list. The BBC will be contributing £300m out of the total cost of £530m towards rural broadband costs.

Various locations in rural areas have yet to benefit from broadband and are still using dial-up internet connections, which move at extremely slow speeds.

According to the BBC, it is not economically viable to provide broadband to a third of the UK.

Areas that have been frustrated with slow connection speeds have sometimes taken matters into their own hands, quite literally.

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Via: BBC