Richard Branson dreams of merger with Apple and Jobs

Virgin founder expresses love of Apple and Steve Jobs

Virgin-Apple merger on Branson's mind

Billionaire and founder of the Virgin brand, Sir Richard Branson has declared his love of Apple and admiration for the company’s talismanic leader, Steve Jobs.


Richard Branson on Apple

Source: T3 Tech Videos


Speaking directly with T3, Branson, who recently launched the iPad exclusive magazine Project, sung the praises of Steve Jobs saying of the man who is currently undertaking his third medical leave of absence since being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2004 “He’s the entrepreneur in the world I most admire.”

He stated: “He’s the entrepreneur in the world I most admire and I think [Apple] is the brand I most admire. He's the greatest come-back artist as well. He's twice been down and out and he's fought his way out and created a brilliant global company.“

The airline owner and adventurer who boldly claimed: “Everything he does is real class and if he wanted to re-name his company Virgin-Apple, we'd be more than happy to merge,” went on to add: “Great brand, great company and may he get well soon.”

Despite his fondness of Steve Jobs and the Apple brand, Branson is unsure as to the how long Apple can maintain its upper hand. Having said of the Apple tablet: “I've recently discovered the iPad and looking forward to seeing the new one,” Branson went on to express concerns over Apple’s threat from competitors. He said: “I don’t know whether Apple can stay ahead of the game with all competitors, with Google coming out with their software which enables you to do it on every single bit of electronic equipment I don’t know. There is a possibility that Apple will not reign supreme indefinitely”

Returning to his Apple loving comments, Branson concluded: “Steve Jobs would have to be my personality of this year because it sounds like he may not be coming back [to work]. He really has done incredible things and he's got a great legacy.”

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