Q1 Nokia Lumia Windows Phone sales top 2m units

Nokia has recording 2 million Windows Phone powered Lumia handset sales during Q1

Nokia has revealed that despite dropping share prices and reduced revenues it has shifted an impressive 2m WP7 packing Lumia handsets in Q1

Despite share prices crashing after it announced it expects to record a loss for the first half of 2012, smartphone giant Nokia has confirmed that during the first quarter of the year it shifted an impressive 2 million Lumia branded handsets.

Highlighting the increased interest the Finnish phone manufacturer has brought to the Windows Phone 7 platform, the company reportedly shifted 2 million handsets from its range of WP7 packing Lumia devices during the first three months of the year, a figure pioneered by the company’s first Window Phone offering, the Nokia Lumia 800.

"Within our Smart Devices business unit, we have established early momentum with Lumia, and we are increasing our investments in Lumia to achieve market success,” said Nokia CEO Stephen Elop. “Our operator and distributor partners are providing solid support for Windows Phone as a third ecosystem, as evidenced most recently by the launch of the Lumia 900 by AT&T in the United States."

Nokia Lumia 800 Specs

Touting a stunning 3.7-inch ClearBlack AMOLED screen and the same polycarbonate shell found on the Nokia N9 the Lumia 800 is an all-round leader of the currently available Windows Phone contingent. A 1.4GHz processor is paired with 16GB of internal storage whilst an 8-megapixel rear-mounted camera with Carl Zeiss lens and 720p HD video recording capabilities at 30fps handle the handset’s array of entertainment specs.

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