PS Vita price cut in Japan

Sony cuts price for PS Vita handheld console in Japan

Sony has cut the price of the PS Vita handheld gaming console in Japan in an effort to boost sales

Sony has announced plans to cut the retail price of both models of its PS Vita in Japan, in an attempt to boost the ailing console's fortunes. From February 28th, the Wi-Fi and 3G PS Vita models will retail for 19,980 yen (around £140), reduced from 24,980 yen (around £175).

Japanese PS Vita owners will also be elligible for a free week of PlayStation Plus and access to games like Uncharted: The Golden Abyss.

The move is mainly motivated by need to make the PS Vita's more competitive against Nintendo's handheld. The PS Vita has been consistently outsold by the Nintendo 3DS and even its predecessor, the PSP, which was released around eight years ago. The new price drop makes the Vita still a little more expensive than the 3DS XL, which retails for around 18,900 yen.

When asked whether a similar price drop for the PS Vita was planned for the European and UK markets, Sony UK said "we have nothing to announce at this time regarding pricing within our own region."