Nikon Z9 users just got a staggering free software upgrade

A whole host of new features will be employed on the flagship mirrorless camera

Nikon Z9 review
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Users of the Nikon Z9 camera system just got a staggeringly good free software update.

The new functionality covers just about every area, with lots to love for shooters.

When you think of the best mirrorless cameras on the market, your mind probably goes to a handful of brands. Indeed, the segment is largely controlled by a few of the most well known manufacturers out there.

Among the current crop of top models is the Nikon Z9. That's the flagship full frame mirrorless camera from the brand, offering a complete set of hardware and software functionality.

Still, that doesn't mean things can't be improved even further. Today, Nikon have unveiled the latest software update for the camera. That brings with it a whole host of new software to improve the shooting experience for users.

According to the release notes, this update – firmware 5.00 – has been designed to elevate the overall user convenience and increase their speed and efficiency. How have they done that?

Well, for starters, there's are new Skin Softening and Portrait Impression Balance functions. Those are designed to improve certain qualities surrounding the capture of portraits.

The Auto Capture feature also gains a new reserve function. That allows users to specify the date, time and duration of a shoot, reducing battery consumption and improving efficiency.

There's also a new slower burst rate setting in the High-Speed Frame Capture+. The new C15 setting should allow for longer periods of continuous shooting.

Users can also assign more features to the custom controls. That should make it even easier to configure your setup exactly how you like it.

That's just the start of the upgrades on offer here – the full list can be found on the Nikon download centre website. One thing is for sure, though – getting all of that as a free upgrade is a truly sweet deal.

Users will now have access to a wide range of new features and improvements – and it's entirely free! That's a really impressive upgrade, and should make it easier than ever to justify the outlay of the flagship device.

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