Nintendo 3DS will suffer from shortened battery life

Glasses-free 3D display to severely drain battery

3D display sups up 3DS battery life

The eagerly awaited arrival of the glasses-free 3D portable games console the Nintendo 3DS has reached its first stumbling block as the company’s executives reveal the pocket gamer will suffer from severe battery drain.

Not due to hit western markets until 2011, the Nintendo 3DS has become a huge subject of excitement in the tech industry with its variable 3D levels combining with glasses-free portability to offer a gaming experience unlike any seen before. Boosting this excitement it was announced earlier this week that 3DS titles will cost no more than their standard, two-dimensional counterparts.

Speaking on the potential battery issues, Nintendo front man Satoru Iwata openly declared: “It is inevitable that Nintendo 3DS will be a device which requires more frequent recharging than Nintendo DS.”

Packing a host of power-hungry features such as a wireless tag mode that allows for interaction between devices, automatic firmware updates and that all important glasses free 3D display, it is no surprise that the revolutionary device will not run for as long as its predecessor.

Whilst this limited usage and power capacity might affect the true portability of the 3DS when it comes to market, Nintendo are offering a remedy of sorts for the issue, bundling the 3DS with its very own charging cradle.

Does the shorter battery life of the 3DS put you off its glasses-free extra dimensional gameplay possibilities or is it just a small price to pay for a revolutionary experience? Share your views with us via the T3 Twitter and Facebook pages.