Nintendo 3DS UK release set for December?

October plans scuppered as 3DS launch set to emulate Wii

Ninty pushes glasses-less 3D back for Christmas release

The Nintendo 3DS is unlikely to hit UK shores until December, despite the gaming giant’s hopes of an October launch.

A senior games retail source has hinted that the handheld 3D device won’t arrive in shops until just before Christmas, with limited stock too.

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“Early indications to us are that the launch is going to emulate Wii in December,” the source said.

The official word is that the 3DS will be out by March 31 2011, with a Nintendo spokesperson also denying these latest discussions as “pure rumour and speculation”, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll see it by Christmas.

Get ready for more potential pandemonium as Nintendo looks to drop another groundbreaking console in time to fill Santa’s sleigh.

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Via: CVG