Nintendo 3DS Super Mario Bros "soon"

Mario creator says 3DS version is in the works

Will new-look version of game be ready for 25 March launch?

Shigeru Miyamoto, the man behind Mario, has confirmed that he’s already hard at work on a Super Mario Bros Nintendo 3DS game, with the aim of touting the new title, “… as soon as possible.”

Speaking on the official US Wii website with Ninty boss Satoru Iwata, Miyamoto said, “In the interests of adopting new technology for the Super Mario Bros. tradition, I am now making a new Super Mario Bros. game for the Nintendo 3DS system.”

Iwata added he wanted to show the world just how a 3DS version of Mario would work. The title was not part of Nintendo’s European 3DS launch in Amsterdam, but will surely be clamoured after on release.

With the Nintendo 3DS due out on 25 March here in Blighty, don’t expect to see a finished version of Super Mario Bros for some time. Can’t wait to get a 3DS? Or holding out for a Sony NGP instead? Tell us what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages now.