Nintendo 3DS design likely to remain unchanged for launch

Ninty exec says handheld seen at E3 is the final model

The 3DS revealed at E3 will be the one in your hands come 2011

Despite recent mumblings to the contrary, a top producer at Nintendo has revealed that the design of the 3DS will most likely remain the same as it was when it was shown off at E3 last month.

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Hideki Konno told that “You can take this as the final shape,” which goes against recent tradition of Nintendo handhelds changing slightly before launch. The original DS, for instance, was altered between it’s initial announcement and launch.

The 3DS, which boasts 3D gaming without the need for glasses as well as two rear-mounted cameras for taking 3D photos, is set to launch in early 2011, and will be the last handheld from the Nintendo stable to use cartridges.

Link: Via MCVUK