New crowdfunding site creates community for backers

Jump Start City to launch in 20 days

A new crowdfunding site is set to launch in 20 days time and, unlike Kickstarter or Indiegogo, promises to give more power to project backers

A new crowdfunding site called Jump Start City will launch in 20 days time and aims to build a community of backers that will differentiate it from established platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

"The crowd is what makes crowdfunding work, so we've setup a community that welcomes them to take part in many different activities," said co-founder Mark Baker.

According to Baker, traditional crowdfunding sites leave out the social element of backing a project.

Rather than discuss the project they were backing on the crowdfunding site itself, he found users were moving to Twitter or Facebook instead.

"In the current crowdfunding world, the community of backers only has one role; pulling out their wallet and backing a project," he said.

The new site will allow users to become active in a project they back and determine their own level of involvement.

When Jump Start City launches on Saturday, June 1, it will have 101 projects launching with it - with the founders confident that a number of them will bring in six figure funding.

Some of the projects (called events on Jump Start City) include a foldable electric scooter, a personal desktop 3D printer and a microdrone quadcopter.

Jump Start City also promises better opportunities for marketing and promotion to would-be entrepreneurs coming up with new projects.

Although the site is up, it isn't available to the public yet. You can, however, sign up with an account if you're interested in starting a project.

"We knew there must be a way to come at crowdfunding from a different direction. That is what we feel we’ve been able to do with the crowdfunding process on Jump Start City. We’ve fundamentally changed the way a funding event progresses," said Baker.