Apple Mac OS X Lion gets 1m downloads

Breaks company record as fastest-selling OS ever.

Apple enjoys huge success with its Mac OS X Lion desktop operating system, recording over 1m downloads on the day of its release

Having recently enjoyed a successful MacBook Air launch this week, Apple has something new to be smug about after recording over 1m downloads of its new desktop operating system, the Mac OS X Lion, a day after it was made available to download.

At £20.99 the update to Mac OS X was made available to download via the Mac App Store by Apple in an effort to make it easier for users to get the latest upgrade.

With around 250 new features, Mac OS X Lion is a definitive step in the direction of merging Mac OS with iOS, the company's mobile operating system. As mentioned in T3's Mac OS X Lion preview, features such as Launchpad and programs such as Apple's Mail App have all been given the iOS treatment in an effort to simplify things ever further.

With the Flash version of Mac OS X Lion on the way shortly, and the Mac App Store available in 123 countries, it'll be interesting to see what these figures will be like in a week, no doubt surging even higher.

But as one giant rises through the ranks, another falls. Yesterday, T3 reported that Nokia, once the biggest phone company in the world, had recorded a humiliating loss of £323m, despite receiving over £400m from Apple following a legal dispute. Should Apple enjoy their success while they can?

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