Jobs unveils Apple iPhone 4 at WWDC

Apple Keynote at WWDC brings gadget of the year?

Apple high priest Jobs has unveiled the latest iPhone 4 to the joy of Apple fans

Steve Jobs has taken to the stage at WWDC 2010 and unveiled the iPhone 4, due to land in the UK on June 24.

“The iPhone 4 is one of the most beautiful designs you've ever seen. Beyond a doubt one of the most beautiful and precise things we've ever made", crowed Jobs.

The iPhone 4 stars a 3.5 inch display of 960x640 pixels, incorporating a retina display which increases the pixel density by x4, resulting in a display of 326 pixels per inch. Human perception can only distinguish 300 pixels per inch, "so everything will look like continuous curves to the eye" according to Jobs.

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Connectivity is Quad band hspda/hsupa, giving a potential 7.2mbps down, 5.8 up. A 802.11n Wi-Fi chip will provide blistering speeds when in range.

In addition, a front facing camera, HD-capable 5MP rear camera with LED flash, up to 32GB storage, and an Apple-built A4 chip as well as a bigger battery wowed the crowd. Jobs claimed that the result will be a whopping 6 hours 3G browsing, 10 hours on Wi-Fi.

The new iPhone 4 measures up at 9.33mm thick, a full 24 per cent thinner than iPhone 3GS, making it the thinnest smart phone on the planet. This is partly achieved by using a micro-SIM, also seen in the iPad, a fact which will cause a certain amount of annoyance to those of us looking to upgrade.

Multitasking will finally make an appearance in the new iPhone, to the great relief of everyone, while iPhone OS 4 has been renamed iOS 4. Surprisingly, Microsoft’s Bing will now be available alongside Google and Yahoo! Additionally, Jobs announced the launch of iBooks, which will allow you to download the same books to all your devices at no extra charge.

The potentially controversial iAds was also unveiled. "We're doing it for one simple reason: To help our developers earn money so they can continue to create free and low-cost apps", said Jobs. Finally, Jobs announced that the iPhone 4 will incorporate video calling, in an interestingly named 'FaceTime' app.

It was certainly time for Apple to step up though, as competition from a series of Android handsets has been increasing. In the UK the HTC Desire has become the handset of choice, while in the US last weekend's launch of the HTC Evo - the world's first 4G handset - saw queues stretching round the block, mirroring previous Apple launches.

Jobs even acknowledged the rivalry during his keynote with a jab at Google, stating “In Q1 2010 the iPhone's market share was more than three times that of Android".

One thing is for certain however - when the iPhone 4 lands in the UK later this summer, the queues are going to form again.