iPhone and iPad get Flash thanks to jailbreak app

Adobe software finally works with Apple's mobile devices

Flash lands on iPhone following JailbreakMe app

A constant bugbear in Apple’s portable devices, the lack of compatibility with Adobe’s Flash technology has finally been rectified thanks to a downloadable application for jailbroken iPhones and iPads.

Know as Frash, the Flash enabling app has been developed by Comex, the same people responsible for the recently released JailbreakMe tool, and although in its early stages currently works with the iPhone 4, 3GS handsets running iOS4, iPads and even third generation iPod Touch devices, good news for all those Apple fans salivating at the current fleet of iPod touch rumours.

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With the Frash app installed, your Apple handset will be readily available to view Flash video content directly from the Safari mobile browser, a completely alien option for those accustomed to the ways of the iPhone or iPad.

Initially excluded for its negative effects on battery life, Apple’s relationship with Flash’s creators has been a rocky one since the first iPhone launched in 2007 and a decision that has turned a lot of prospective consumers away from the Apple handset.

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