iPhone 5 will have NFC, claims report

Next-gen iPhone set for NFC despite reports to contrary

Rumour refutes last week's Independent story which claimed Apple wasn't keen on NFC.

Until last week, the iPhone 5 and NFC seemed about as likely to come as a pair as John Lennon and Yoko Ono. But then a report from The Independent suggested Apple wasn’t keen on including the tech as it didn’t yet have a ‘clear standard across the industry’.

Now though, Forbes is claiming the iPhone 5 will come loaded up with NFC. Its reporter Elizabeth Woyke says she’s spoken with an entrepreneur who’s using NFC for a product of his own, who reckons he’s been told by an insider at Apple that the tech will be included in the new blower.

That does seem a tad tenuous, but then it also seems strange that Apple would ditch something which had widely been assumed as one of the new phone’s key features. If it doesn’t pack NFC into the iPhone 5, it can expect to lose the mobile wallet initiative to Android in the coming months.

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Via Forbes