iPad 2 pictures leaked showing 7-inch form factor?

Blurry snap could be first sighting of pared down iPad

Is this really the iPad Mini we've all been waiting for?

Steve Jobs might hate 7-inch tablets, going as far as to say users would need to “sand down their fingers” for them to be any good. But that’s not stopped the iPad Mini bandwagon rolling, with a new snap purporting to show the slimmed down version in the wild.

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The shot, seen here, shows Taiwanese racing driver Jimmy Lin apparently holding an iPad Mini in one hand, with a regular iPad in the other. The small version is certainly packing iOS, or a variant of it, but beyond that it’s unclear if this really is an Apple prototype.

Of course, rip off versions of the iPad are hardly difficult to come by. And with Jobs so dismissive of 7-inch slates, surely this one’s a fake.

What do you reckon? The real deal or a well put together homage to Apple’s tablet? Tell us what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Slashgear