iLife 11 unveiled

Overhauled iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband detailed by Apple

Better sharing, editing and recording with Apple's killer new version of iLife.

iLife 11 has been teased and touted for months, but now it’s finally official and is undoubtedly the biggest boost the software suite has ever received. iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband all rock new features and new looks.

iPhoto has received the biggest boost, with new full-screen modes that let you see your snaps better on your Macs display, utilising multitouch gestures too. Facebook and email sharing has also been given a bump, making it swifter to stick your snaps online or fire them off to friends. Like OS X Lion, it seems the iPad is the inspiration here.

iMovie has had a much-needed audio upgrade, meaning you can easily adjust sound clips, while adding jump cuts and instant replays is now much more straightforward. A new People Finder feature takes its cue from Faces in iPhoto, detecting sections with faces so you can pull together clips with just your pals in them.

Garageband now rocks FlexTome for shortening, stretching and moving single notes without affecting the rest of your masterpiece, as well as Groove Matching. The latter lets you select one track as the “Groove Track” to give all your tunes a similar feel.

iLife 11 is out now for £45 for a single licence, or £69 for a family pack, which lets you install it on five different machines. Worth the upgrade? Or are you sticking with what you’ve got? Tell us now on our Facebook and Twitter pages.