GTA Chinatown Wars HD arrives on the iPad

Drug-fuelled top down classic out now for the Apple tablet

New version of title includes beefed up radio skills and better graphics

GTA Chinatown Wars has already taken the DS, PSP and iPhone by storm. And now Rocjstar has released an iPad-optimised version, which lets you see the top down version of Liberty City in all its glory.

The new edition of the game features Independence FM, allowing you to play your own tunes while you strafe Yakuza rivals in an attempt to avenge your father’s murder. Alternatively, play the dedicated radio stations while dealing drugs to fund your gun habit.

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The new look Chinatown Wars in in the App Store now, and can be snaffled for just £5.99. That’s an absolute bargain for such a wide-ranging title. We suggest sacking off your weekend plans and nabbing it now.

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