Google Goggles can now solve sudoku puzzles

Head-scratchingly cool update to Google's see-all app

Solve puzzles by cheating. Impress friends.

Google Goggles, the nifty app which returns search results based on pictures you've taken with your mobile phone has now been equipped with the ability to solve sudoku puzzles.

In the biggest tech vs man development since the chess computer whooped Garry Kasparov's grumpy ass, the app can now scan the puzzle grid and fill in the gaps within a few seconds.

In a video posted by the Google Labs team, the app is shown handsomely defeating the US National Sudoku Champion who took it much better than the old Russian Grandmaster turned political activist.

Also in the update for iPhone and Android is a better barcord scanner and better ad recognition, but its the puzzle solver that's made the headlines here. Check out the video below.

Link: Phandroid