Google cloud music app leaks out on the web

Amazon Cloud rival emerges in dev version of Android Market

Images of Android Music 3.0 snapped

Google's much-rumoured cloud music app has been outed after a developer version of the Android Market was leaked.

The guys at Tech From 10 managed to get a look at Android Music 3.0 which is tipped to see Google launch its own cloud-music service to rival the Amazon Cloud player and a similar service touted for iTunes.

Tech From 10 confirmed that the Google Music cloud service was in place, but when trying to access an account to use it, were unable to try it out.

It seems appearance-wise the new Google Music app will follow closely to the version optimized for Honeycomb tablet devices like the Motorola XOOM. One image grabbed shows off the "Recent" section with accompanying album previews.

The 'Test' Market has since been removed by Google from the device it appeared on, but other notable observations from the Android Market leak include a possible new camera and Google Desk Clock apps.

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Link: Tech From 10 & Droid Life