Google Chrome Web Store detailed

Free games from launch in October says Big G

New store aims to make browser gaming easier and speedier.

Google has been outlining its plans for its Chrome Web Store, which is due to rock up in October. The new online portal will let you buy classic games, with devs getting plenty of incentive to bring their wares to the Big G’s shiny new emporium.

See, rather than taking a 30 per cent cut of proceedings, a la Android Market and the Apple App Store, Google is only taking five per cent from apps on the Chrome Web Store. That means devs can make more cash, which should mean stacks of killer games and add-ons for you.

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Free games will be up for grabs, but in-app purchasing is being put on the back burner, as are free trials. This is set to come in due course, but means you’ll have to take a game on trust if it costs.

Lemmings, Quake II and Lego Star Wars were all touted by Google, as was the store’s speediness and the fact it means you don’t need to trawl the web for browser games. It looks like the Chrome Web Store is going to be a winner when it finally arrives.

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