Google chief claims Facebook is not beyond reach

Google's own social networking 'Google Me' not denied

Battle of the internet giants. Ding, ding, round one.

Google Me, the much rumoured social networking site from internet giants Google looks to have taken a step closer to the realms of reality today as Google’s UK chief executive, Matt Brittin proclaimed there was room for a challenger to the seemingly untouchable Facebook.

Failing to clarify the speculation surrounding Google Me, whilst still not denying its existence, Brittin said of the social networking craze: “It's a phenomenon that is with us to stay. I think what we'll see is the internet becoming more of a social place, as well as people being social within the context of social networks."

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The rumour and speculation surrounding a possible Google assault on the social networking market started at the end of June when, writing on his Twitter page, founder of Digg, Kevin Rose wrote: “Ok, umm, huge rumor: Google to launch Facebook competitor very soon "Google Me," very credible source"

Following the apparent Google Me leak, there has been much speculation surrounding the possibility of a Google-born social networking site. The search engine behemoths launched a social networking site of sorts earlier in the year in Google Buzz but had to drop one of the site’s key functions early on due to complaints and privacy concerns.

Users signing up to Buzz were automatically given a ready-made circle of friends based on contacts they emailed and IM chatted with most frequently. As you may expect, this left some users in sticky situations with awkward and uncomfortable explanations to give as well as being forced to socially interact with work contacts.

Having been asked directly about an imminent Google social networking site, Google’s Matt Brittin refused to ‘comment on that kind of rumour and speculation’. Whilst this light-hearted brush off may fill us with hope of a new Google arrival, we struggle to see anyone, including the world’s biggest website tackling the Facebook following.