Game staff encouraged to buy 3DS stocks from Tesco

GAME bump 3DS stocks by buying consoles at Tesco

Glasses-free 3DS console sparks underhand retailer move

Following last Friday’s midnight launch of the groundbreaking Nintendo 3DS, it has emerged employees at industry retailer GAME were urged to buy 3DS consoles from Tesco stores to save money.


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Source: T3 Tech Videos

Leaked via an internal memo, it has been revealed that GAME’s head office encouraged its employees to frequent local Tesco stores on launch night and plump their pre-owned 3DS stocks by making the most of the supermarket’s low prices.

With Tesco offering the latest Nintendo console for just £175 when brought with any 3DS game priced £34.90, the supermarket’s bundle package of £209.90 still undercut GAME’s sale price of £219.99. Responding to Tesco’s pricing GAME’s internal memo announced to store managers: “Whilst we are unable to competitively match this offer in terms of a mint price, it offers a great opportunity to gain 3DS consoles and games for your store's pre-owned stock."

With each store authorised £1049.50 to purchase five consoles from Tesco, the message went on to state: “It has been authorised by the business that members of staff from stores are able to purchase stock from Tesco stores and then trade back in to your store as Preowned stock.” It added: “However this process must not compromise your store’s midnight launch, service to customers or staff.”

Today responding to the revelations that its competitor had been buying up its stocks of the glasses-free 3D portable games console, a Tesco spokesperson said: “We always provide Tesco customers with the best value," adding: "We think you could say this is game, set and match."

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