Future Apple iMac’s to have Retina display?

High-definition cursors in Mac OS update hint at future display?

While 90 per cent of all Apple rumours usually turn out to be just hearsay, it’s always worth covering them because once in a while you stumble across this

A recent Mac OS update that has since been pulled was reported to contain some high-resolution cursors, hinting at perhaps, iMacs with ‘Retina displays’.

Using a technology called HiDPI Apple is able to combat the common problems that are encountered when outputting to high-resolution screens.

Before when one outputs to a high-resolution screen the icons generally become smaller, using the same number of pixels as before but of course now on a much larger screen.

HiDPI counters this, instead using high-res icons to keep the image the same size no matter how many pixels it uses. With no MacBooks or iMacs using Retina displays at present it is believed that these high-res icons are in preparation for future product launches.

With the iPad 3 rumoured to be featuring a higher-resolution screen as well as a thicker form-factor these rumours could indicate towards Apple making a big push towards high-dpi screens for 2012.

Source: Macrumours