Formula 1 restricted by push for road car tech says Webber

Exclusive: Mark Webber tells T3 F1 is restricted by tech

Formula 1 is being restricted by the need to further technologies for road cars says F1 racing driver Mark Webber

Formula 1 racing driver Mark Webber has told T3 he believes F1 is spending too much time developing technology for future road cars and not on racing.

Speaking ahead of this weekend’s British Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Australian Red Bull Racing driver said whilst technologies that filter down to road faring vehicles are a by-product of Formula 1, the sport should not be based around enhancing these technologies.

“The technology shouldn’t really be taken into consideration because it’s a car race in its purest form,” said Webber. He added: “that type of technology restricts us in a performance aspect.”

With eco-friendly engines set to be introduced to F1 in the coming years, the pinnacle of motor racing is set to go green in order to set a good example and further the research into carbon-friendly vehicles.

“We have 20 events a year, there’s more fuel burnt by aeroplanes taxi-ing out to runways so it’s absolute peanuts what we do in the scheme of things, it’s more of a messaging thing obviously,” said Webber on the F1 green initiative.

“If you want to have that technology helping road cars, there’s no better place than F1 to put it."

Should Formula 1 be pushed into furthering the possibilities of road cars or should it concentrate solely on the racing experience and let technologies filter down naturally? Share your thoughts on the matter with us via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.