Facebook lessons given to detectives

Catching the bad guys just entered the web 2.0 phase

If there's a crime, detectives going over to Twitter and Facebook might be the next logical step.

Police detectives are being trained to use Facebook and Twitter to catch killers.

Social networking training is being introduced by The National Policing Improvement Agency in order to bring its training in line with current times.

Deputy Chief Constable Nick Gargan, acting head of the NPIA, said: "This programme is a vital part of the career pathway for detectives and the new training covers sensitive areas of policing where limited guidance existed previously."

The challenges of modern policing is behind the introduction of these new training methods. The new training procedures will cover topics such as how to gather evidence from mobile phones, computers, CCTV and National Footwear Reference Collection images.

The NPIA's Initial Crime Investigators Development Programme is taken 3,500 students each year who will benefit from these changes.

With all the privacy issues surrounding Facebook and users being quite free with what they put online, here's hoping more criminals are apprehended via social media.

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Via: V3.co.uk