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Crysis 3: Storyline

What we know so far is that the game will again be set in New York however it won’t be the gleaming metropolis that players were so used too in Crysis 2.

Time has clearly passed and the city has now been engulfed in a giant nanodome, erected by the corrupt Cell Corporation.

By erecting these domes Cell plan to imprison alien race, The Ceph and then study them in their quest for global domination. Of course this has been hidden under the guise of 'protecting' the populace of the USA.

Things don't work out as planned however and both the Ceph and Cell Corporation find themselves in a whole world of trouble as you decide to go all 'Predator' and bring out one of the coolest looking weapons we've seen in a while.

What we do know is that Prophet, while caught inbetween this epic battle will begin to see some changes in the suit, after having been Ceph influenced so substantially this starts to affect both the suit and the way that the Ceph behave towards him.

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It’s believed that the game will essentially be a revenge story, focusing on the main character Prophet who is out to get Cell Corporation for what they’ve done to both the people of New York and his squadmates.

Little else is known about how this will effect Prophet, whether he will succeed or if indeed Cell Corporation are the biggest of his problems.