Cisco Cius tablet - potential iPad rival?

Cisco Cius enters the tablet market to compete with the iPad

Cisco has unveiled the Cius, a new tablet hoping to take on the iPad.

Cisco Cius could provide competition to the Apple iPad, with Cisco dipping their fingers into the tablet fray yesterday.

The 7-inch Cius offers HD video streaming, HD audio and an 8-hour battery. Apart from this, the Cius possesses regular tablet functions such as real-time video, multi-party conferencing, email, messaging and browsing. Marketed as a business collaborative tool, the Cius will run on an Android OS, allthough it's not clear which version.

Cisco is aiming the Cius specifically at business enterprises and their employees. The iPad is not the only tablet it has to contend with though; there are many alternatives to the iPad. However, whereas the iPad and other tablets appeal to a largely consumer base, Cisco is marketing the Cius to appeal to the needs of businesses, hoping to give it a niche status.

Other "iPad killers" have already been announced (see related links); it's a wait-and-watch situation to see if any of them knock the iPad a few notches down.

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Further incentive to its target market, the Cisco Cius weighs in at 1.15lbs, enhancing its portability. The Cius will support wired, wireless as well as 3G and 4G services which allows for constant connectivity.

The Cisco Cius has an expected release date during the first quarter of 2011 and we'll be looking out for whether it has an effect on the tablet market.