Canon EOS-1D X officially unveiled as 18.1MP DSLR

Canon's latest top of the line DSLR is outed with an 18.1MP sensor and £5,300 price tag

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Ever wanted to be stalking through the bush, hoping to get that once-in-a-lifetime shot of a African lion? If the answer to that question is yes then the EOS-1D X is the camera for the job

Canon has unveiled its flagship D-SLR the EOS-1D X, boasting a huge form-factor and specs that would make a Polaroid weep onto its own photographic paper.

Combining 40years of experience Canon have created what they believe to be their most advanced D-SLR yet. Aimed at professionals the EOS-1D X will be arriving with a better, higher-resolution sensor, faster focus and more powerful hardware to speed the whole process up.

Canon EOS-1D X Specs:

The EOS-1D X has a brand-new 18.1MP Full-frame sensor which can record 1080p HD movies at 30fps while the dual DIGIC 5+ processors mean that once a video has gone over the 4GB limit a new file will be created automatically allowing seamless recording of full-HD video.

The dual DIGIC 5+ processors also means that the EOS-1D X is three times faster than the previous set-up which in turn then allows the camera to carry out 12fps continuous shooting, which according to Canon, makes it the fastest of any camera available.

To improve image-quality the camera has an ISO range of 100-51200 which can be expanded to a staggering 204800. This combined with a 61-point wide-area autofocus means that the EOS-1D X is able to take crystal-clear images in even the most difficult of conditions and at speed.

Canon EOS-1D X Features:

Constructed from a high-grade magnesium-alloy the EOS-1D X certainly looks built to last, with the oversized grips and bulky frame adding stability and protection. Inside you'll find Canon's own EOS Integrated Cleaning System which uses tiny vibrations to shake away dirt and dust from the sensor.

With enhanced sealing, the body is also water and dust-resistant when combined with the appropriate lenses making it truly a camera for all weather conditions.

The price for owning one of the most advanced D-SLR's on the planet? The UK expected price is an understandably eye-watering £5,300 which will just include the main body. With no date set in stone it's expected that this leviathan will be hitting shores around March 2012.