Broadband speeds misleading says Ofcom

Regulator finds 97 per cent do not get advertised speed

New code of conduct promised as average speeds actually increase.

British web users are not getting the broadband speeds they are promised by their ISPs. That’s according to regulator Ofcom, which says that while the average speed has risen, most punters are only getting half of what they’ve been sold.

The average advertised speed now stands at a decent 11.5Mbps, but consumers are only getting 5.2Mbps. That’s actually up on 4.1Mbps last year. However, Ofcom has said it wants to tighten controls to stop ISPs selling broadband based on top speed alone.

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The new regulations will aim to explain the range of speeds customers can get, rather than selling one fixed speed which only a few web addicts will really be able to get. Of those currently on 20Mbps deals, only two per cent are actually receiving that figure.

All the major ISPs have signed up to Ofcom’s new code-of-conduct, and with the Advertising Standards Agency also looking into how broadband is sold, you can expect changes very soon indeed.

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