Broadband is the most loved innovation of the decade

Plus: Twitter and Facebook not loved by the Brits

Finding out what we think of the last decade's innovations

According to the British people, broadband is the innovation that has made the most positive impact on their lives over the last 10 years.

The Foundation, a consultancy firm, undertook the survey of over 2000 people, who were asked which products and services they loved and hated since the turn of the millennium.

Broadband and online shopping came first and second as being the technological innovations that contributed most to people's lives over the last decade. Google was third. Chip and pin technology came fourth, with digital cameras rounding off the fifth spot.

When asked to cite reasons for their choices, most said usefulness and ability to save time were paramount factors. Surprisingly cost didn't seem to be of much importance as compared to these two reasons.

As far as things that British people hated, reality television trumped in this list. Facebook, pop-up ads and Twitter were next in line. Paid-for plastic bags and public bike schemes also figured in the list. Reasons for including items in the list were that these items caused irritation and time wasting.

Charlie Dawson, partner at The Foundation, said: "It’s a reminder of how useful broadband has become for most people in the UK. Perhaps this explains why 71% of UK households have broadband despite it being an extra cost that no one had to pay before it existed."

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