BBC iPlayer sees record figures in 2011 thanks to apps

iPlayer hits new heights with smartphones, tablets and TVs rising to prominence

BBC iPlayer has reached new heights in 2011 with record viewing figures bolstered by a rise in popularity of smartphone, tablets and TV apps

The BBC’s hit on-demand catch-up service BBC iPlayer has seen record figures for 2011 with portable devices contributing to almost 2 billion content requests during the past 12 months.

Whilst the service’s new record high viewing figures were lead by PCs with two thirds of requests coming from desktop computers, 2011 saw a dramatic rise in the use of iPlayer across smartphones, tablets and internet connected TVs the Beeb has revealed.

“While 2011 was a remarkable year for BBC iPlayer across the board, the real story was growth of iPlayer on TVs, mobile phones, and tablets, outpacing PC growth many times over," Daniel Danker, the BBC’s general manager for Programmes and on Demand said.

Notching up a staggering 1.9 billion TV and radio programme requests across all platforms in the UK during 2011, the BBC saw internet connected TV requests increase more than 1,000 per cent based on previous year with 7 million views coming from television sets in December alone.

Originally launched in 2007 BBC iPlayer has gradually been rolled out across multiple platforms with 2011 seeing year-on-year smartphone and tablet requests increase 163 per cent and 596 per cent in December as post Christmas increase activations.

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Via: WallStreetJournal