ASUS peparing to tackle the Apple MacBook Air

ASUS teases new Notebook ahead of Computex

Ahead of Computex ASUS sends out teaser info on a new Notebook.

Update: Asus has fulfilled on the promise below with the launch of the stunning Zenbook rang (Asus UX31 Zenbook review here) - a line of super-sleek ultrabooks that look uncannily mac-Air-alike.

ASUS could be about to enter the world of “ultraslim” notebooks as it expands its range in the consumer market.

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The computer manufacturer has called the Eee PC a “super-slim sensation with a twist”, ahead of its official unveiling.

ASUS has attempted to conquer the world of slim notebooks once before with their U36 but the EeePC never hit the heights that the company was hoping to achieve.

There are no further details at this stage, with May 30th and Computex likely to offer more information on the newest Eee PC.

ASUS has recently introduced the eReader and eNote as the Asian company looks to become a leading producer with technology.

Link: Engadget.