Apple working on game controller for iPhone and iPad?

New iPad review speaks of internal project to end touchscreen gaming woes

Are you fed up of inaccurately swiping and prodding and smudging the screen of your gorgeous iOS device? Reports suggest Apple may be working on a game controller

We've been massively impressed with the development of handheld gaming on the iOS platform, for some folks, there's still something about touchscreen gaming that's still not quite as natural as it could be.

So, hints that Apple might just be working on a solution to make everyone happy will fill console gamers with hope.

Within tech site AnandTech's review of the Apple new iPad 3, the site claims it "know[s] of an internal Apple project to bring a physical controller to market, but whether or not it will ever see the light of day remains to be seen."

While the company has long produced Bluetooth keyboard and mouse accessories for its gadgets, including a solution for the iPad, it would be somewhat of a surprise to see Apple embrace a controller for gaming.

The company has long touted the touchscreen as a more than suitable alternative to push around our favourite characters. To launch an official controller for the iPhone and iPad would almost be like admitting it was wrong and, as we all know, the company doesn't have much previous in that department.

Via: TheVerge