Apple working on integrated projectors?

Includes projectors on future versions of the iPhone and iPad

Apple has added yet another patent to it's already impressive collection, this time it's projectors in iPhones and iPads.

Apple has filed a patent which describes how the company have been working on integrating projectors into some of their most recognisable tech, from the iPhone to the MacBook Pro.

The patent clearly shows their interest in placing projectors into their iDevices, even going so far as to patent the way in which users would interact with the projections. This includes recognition technology which would effectively allow you to share both your screen and media by simply swiping the object from one screen to the other.

It all sounds very neat, but so far integrated projectors have always increased the bulkiness of any product its been placed within, and while it's a interesting idea, Apple is all about being the smaller and more powerful option. That's not to say it won't appear, the company has clearly been investing a lot of time in it and to see a full explanation of the patent head over to Patently Apple for the full debrief.

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