Apple updates its official executive hierarchy

Tim Cook confirmed as new CEO on Apple website

Apple's official board of executives chart has been updated to include Tim Cook and Steve Jobs in their new positions as CEO and Chairman respectively.

In case you didn’t already know, Steve Jobs has stepped down as CEO of Apple Inc. Apple has already updated the organisational chart depicting their hierarchy on their website, as well as having updated a number of profiles for board members. Not only do the alterations now refer to Tim Cook as CEO both pictorially and in writing, Steve Jobs is also shown in his new position as Chairman of the Board.

The reshuffle is not yet complete, as a replacement has not been appointed for the position of COO formerly held by Tim Cook. It is thought that current Head of Operations Jeff Williams will fulfil this role in the near future. Apple’s Head of Retail, Ron Johnson, is still listed despite the fact that he will soon be departing to take up a position at JC Penny.

We do not yet have an exact picture for the board that will lead Apple into a new era without Steve Jobs. But given the speed with which Apple has updated their command chain thus far, we may not have long to wait. Time is absolutely of the essence, but Apple must pick their people carefully, as the hole being left behind by Steve Jobs cannot be overestimated.

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