Apple unveil new 'Cards' app at iPhone launch event

Card application to see Apple ship remotely made greetings cards for users

Apple unveil Cards application at the eagerly awaited iPhone 5 lauch event with US iPhone users to be able to create greatings cards on the move and have Apple print and ship them

Marking the end for the likes of Hallmark, Moonpig and Clintons, Apple has unveiled a new ‘Cards’ app that will see the iPhone and iPod manufacturer print off and send cards creating using the mobile application.

Allowing users to pick the images they wish to incorporate on to the selection pre-made greetings card templates the Cards app is to remove the need visiting high street outlets enabling iPhone touters to create truly personal cards on the move.

Apple Cards App Release Date

Currently pencilled in US users only the cards application is to go live on October 12th with greetings cards shipped within mainland America costing consumers $2.99 a piece. Shipping outside of the states will cost users $4.99 a pop.

What do you make of the Card application, wish it was already heading to UK users? Let us know via the comments box below.