Apple TV software update arrives for 2nd gen model

New iOS-like interface available to download now for 720p set-top box

Apple has already released the new Apple TV set-top box software for owners of the existing 720p device. New 1080p hardware was announced on Wednesday and will go on sale on March 16th

As expected, on Wednesday, Apple announced a brand new Apple TV set top box, which brought 1080p video into the mix for the first time, improving on the 720p device launched in late 2010.

However, in somewhat of a mild surprise, the company also showcased new and improved software for the hockey puck-sized device, which will go on sale for £120 on March 16th.

The new software brings iOS-like icons, easier navigation and access to previously purchased movies through iTunes in the Cloud.

The good news for owners of the existing 2nd generation Apple TV device is that they can now download the new software and start enjoying the improved interface as of right now, a week before the new device goes on sale.

The launch of the improved software for existing owners pretty much negates the reason many users could have for upgrading, unless they're dead-set on upgrading from 720p to 1080p video.

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Via: TechRadar