Apple to acquire Loewe to build iTV flatscreen television?

Negotiations in final stages ahead of £69 million deal, says reports

Apple could be just days away from buying German TV-maker Loewe, according to reports. Any acquisition would surely mean Apple has found its partner to build the forthcoming iTV

Apple could be on the verge of acquiring the company that will build its heavily-rumoured iTV connected flatscreen TV, according to reports this weekend.

AppleInsider says Apple has offered £69m to take ownership of high-end German TV manufacturer Loewe, which is said to be considering the offer before making a decision in the next week.

Loewe, which also makes TV components, audio equipment and offers home entertainment installations has refused to comment on the report, telling Bloomberg "Loewe does not want to take part in these rumors."

Loewe lost 10m Euros in 2011, but has said it expects to bounce back in 2012. That would almost be a guarantee if the company suddenly became a subsidiary of Apple.

Cupertino is reportedly making preparations to enter the flatscreen TV market with the latest rumours suggesting it will launch an iOS-infused device, with motion-control and a Siri-esque voice control feature within the next 18 months.

If you can add the iconic style and quality offered by a Loewe-manufactured product to that feature list then we're really in for a treat. An expensive treat, but a treat nonetheless.

Via: AppleInsider