Apple sued for renting HD movies to non-HD devices

Florida lawyer launches class action lawsuit alleging company failed to prevent misselling

Apple is being sued for renting high definition movies to customers with iOS devices that don’t support the resolution.

A Florida-based lawyer has filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple after a client rented a version of Adam Sandler’s Big Daddy.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff rented the more expensive high definition version but was only delivered the standard definition version to his non-HD device.

In 2010, high definition became the default option for renting movies and television shows on iTunes.

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The complaint states: “Despite the fact that Apple makes the HD version of the content offerings the default rental option, Apple failed to disclose to customers using SD Apple mobile devices that the device could not play the HD content being rented, and that the customer was needlessly paying the premium for the HD option.”

Apple has since added a disclaimer to the renting process.

However, the case is seeking restitution for what it sees as unjust charges on the basis Apple knowing non-HD devices would be unable to play the file.

You can read the full complain by clicking here.