Apple Store iOS App update offers free content for a limited time

The new interface will promote App Store, iTunes Store, and iBookstore

Apple will be releasing an update to the iOS Apple Store app on Tuesday July 23rd offering free downloadable content for a limited time

According to 9to5mac, the new app update for iPhone and iPod Touch has been redesigned to feature the App Store, iTunes Store, and iBookstore.

Some content promoted on the app, which usually costs money when accessed on alternative platforms, will be available for free or with a special discount for a limited time only.

The photo featured above, from 9to5mac, shows examples of the upcoming app's pomotionional deals that will work across all three of Apple's content stores.

The special deals offered in the update are reportedly an effort on Apple's part to boost sales of the iPhone and iPod Touch by exclusively keeping the offers within the app.

This means only iPhone and iPod Touch users will be able to access Apple's special discounts.

For example, the image above shows that Apple's iOS game, Color Zen, is being offered free of charge compared to its usual cost of £0.69.

"Apple, internally, positions this as a way to boost content sales as this new feature is designed to raise awareness about Apps, iTunes, and iBooks content," 9to5mac reports.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook during last month's secretive summit for Retail Leadership only 20% of Apple's customers actually know that the Apple Store even exists.

In other attempts to boost sales, last month it was reported that Apple will be teaming up with Brightstar to offer customer's the opportunity to trade-in their iPhones.

Source: 9to5mac

Image: 9to5mac