Apple seeks Samsung Note and Galaxy ban

Apple wants Samsung's tablet and smartphone banned in the USA

Apple is pushing for Samsung's Galaxy S3 and Note smartphones and the Tab 10.1 tablet to be on a list of devices it wants banned in the United States

Apple have asked a Federal Court in the United States to ban Samsung's flagship Galaxy S3 and Note smartphones, and its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. The move is part of Apple's ongoing lawsuit against Samsung, in which the iPhone manufactuerer is suing for what it believes are infringments on several of its hardware and software patents.

Apple recently won a US court ruling and was awarded $1bn in damages from Samsung, after a jury decided that the South Korean tech giant had infringed on several software and design patents. Apple now seeks to ban the Note and S3 smartphones, which are two of Samsung's biggest selling devices in the US. Apple also wants the Tab 10.1 tablet banned.

The US tech giant hasn't had everything its own way, however. A Tokyo court recently ruled in Samsung's favour, stating that it had no violated Apple's patents concerning the synchronization of media and data files between devices. Apple is currently pursuing motions against Samsung internationally in around 11 countries, including the USA, Japan, Germany, France and Australia.